Faceted Gemstones Chakra Window

Faceted Gemstones Chakra Window


Faceted Gemstones (Third Eye) Chakra Window is filled with glass, 272 faceted gemstones and Brazilian clear quartz, pavé sapphires, gold, silver, tin and copper. The intention is abundance. Shipping included. Contains no lead.

55 1/8 x19 1/8 x 1 1/2 inches

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The first glass and stone chakra windows were created for Roberta MacDonald, VP at Cabot Creamery of Vermont-her idea was a stained glass window that would heal people when they stand in front of it- without them even having to know. She left Laura with the challenge and the Carolyn Myss book, Anatomy of the Spirit. It took a year of figuring and work, but the Cabot Chakra Window was born: a stained glass window with over 200 stones, each carefully chosen by the healing properties, the chakras they match with, the physical body, organs and systems they match with, the emotional and spiritual bodies they match with and by color. The Chakra Window Yoga Mat image is a reproduction of an original glass and stone window with a matching mantra on the back.