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Laura’s bottle pieces are about the connection between us and all things. The bottles and other antique objects have led utilitarian lives and now, years later, they are treasured for their beauty. The marks of age and imperfection make them even more beautiful, mysterious, and ethereal.


Laura’s first chakra window was created for Cabot Creamery of Vermont. They requested a window that could help people heal just by standing in front of it, without any conscious effort on their part. This commission led Laura to dive deeply into research on Eastern medicine, Hindu and Buddhist traditions, and the healing properties of stones.

Since that first panel, she has created many chakra windows that hang throughout the United States. Laura carefully picks the stones for each panel based on their healing properties, the chakras they align with, and the physical organs and systems they correspond to.  

Dragonflies & Butterflies

In many cultures dragonflies are believed to be a bridge between worlds. These are made using antique and new crystal chandelier prisms, carnival glass, semiprecious stones and found objects. The colors in these pieces change throughout the day. As the sun moves, prisms throw rainbows that move through the room, and at night, incandescent light changes the hues and tones in the glass. 

Gods & Goddesses

The Gods and Goddesses series is a large, multi-panel piece that will eventually consist of 45 windows, each depicting the mythology behind an individual god or goddess. The fifteen Greek gods and goddesses reside in the center, their Roman counterparts above, and their Egyptian equivalents below. Each panel is available for sale individually, but will always be connected to this larger idea.

Laura has completed and sold Pan, Poseidon, Hermes, Aphrodite, and Hades. If you interested in a specific god or goddess, please be in touch.


Each one-of-a-kind angel is made from found objects, including shells, sea glass, carnival glass, wood, stones, copper foil, and lead-free solder. Laura feels connected to her daughter when she makes them, and the intention of the angels is protection and love. Here and there a tiny heart will appear on one. Laura makes a limited run of angels each Mother's Day and at the holiday season; each is numbered and marked with the year.


Laura designs her Heart pieces with the idea of unconditional love in mind. She frequently sees hearts out in the world – heart-shaped clouds, heart-shaped rocks, leaves, shadows – and each one reminds her of her daughter. Finding a heart makes the day magical. Laura has learned that it’s all about perspective. The heart shapes come and go depending on how she views objects. The quartz hearts in these pieces work in the same way, changing color as you move around them. The four chambers of the heart also make appearances, with an object residing in each chamber.

Under The Ocean

When creating Under the Ocean panels, Laura explores the magical depths of the dream-like world that exists under water. Heavenly, peaceful colors are filled with antique and new found objects, mermaids, and Nereids. Bottles, shells, small statues, crystal chandelier prisms, gemstones, keys, and shipwreck coins float in these other-worldly pieces.

Laura Fuller x Angela Adams

An on-going collaboration between the two Portland, Maine based artists.