Athena, or And The Thread Never Broke


Athena, or And The Thread Never Broke

The newest addition to Laura's Gods & Goddesses series is Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, War Strategies and Artisans. Athena comes with two sculptures from her story, one on each side of the wooden pedestal, and a metal stand. One sculpture is Pegasus with iridescent glass wings. The other is the Peirene fountain, part of the mythological spring made by Pegasus. This sculpture is inspired by a dream Laura had where she was led through a dark forest to a clearing and a quartz quarry that was filled with clear, sparkling water. When she stepped forward and looked down, it was filled with faces. Her version is made of glass with faces carved in stone and shell and on ancient Greek coins.  

Athena is filled with antique and new found objects, some that Laura has had for up to 25 years. Athena's torso is from a vintage Winged Victory bookend. Perfume bottle stoppers make Zeus's eye and nostril. A vintage metal mask embellished with solder snake hair is Medusa's head. There is a corkscrew shield, and many different minerals, including jade and bismuth. There are antique bottles and chandelier prisms, and antique toy soldiers from France. A solid bronze soup tureen handle is the half boy/ half serpent Erichthonius whom Athena cared for until he became king. A German porcelain shard is Arachne with spider legs. Laura shaped her to resemble the Dante's Divine Comedy illustration of Arachne by Gustav Dore. 

Athena is a true sight to behold. See the rest of the pictures on the website, or see it in person at the shop!