Laura Fuller x Angela Adams

Laura Fuller x Angela Adams

I am excited to announce a brand new line of glass sculptures emerging from the recent collaboration between Angela Adams and myself. This is our first collaboration and it’s been a blast. We’re thrilled with the work that has evolved between us, culminating in six glass sculptures now displayed at Angela’s new retail location at 131 Middle Street, Portland, Maine, with her gorgeous new collection. 

“When Angela approached me to create some pieces based on her new line called Cave Fantasy, I was so inspired, I made a prototype in a day. To partner with such an innovated artist and bounce ideas back and forth is a true joy for me. I love what we’ve created and I can’t wait to do more…”

Evoking the look of Angela’s designs, these new pieces are a departure for Laura, somewhat stripped down and minimalist, using only glass and prisms. Angular, dramatic and bold, Angela Adams and Laura Fuller…an exciting and dynamic combination. 


The mineral Stellacrima, like drops from heaven, reflects and refracts light to make sparkly and prismatic light patterns moving on the walls and floor brining joy. Stellacrima can spin in a complete circle. 

See it here.


The telescope lens filters in Hyalusviridis reflect light in a different color and change color as you move, evoking wonder.

See it here. 


Tressisturris means Roaming triangles. Terriserratus' winding triangles mirror, causing reflection. 

See them here and here.