ON SALE!! "Put the Comb in the Bottle"

ON SALE!! "Put the Comb in the Bottle"


"Put the Comb in the Bottle" is a nearly 3 foot square assemblage in stained glass. Laura has incorporated antique and new glass in the form of chandelier prisms including a special large piece from Italy found by Laura's Mom at the open market in Italy many years ago, vintage pressed glass flowers, a gorgeous antique perfume bottle and an assortment of Evening In Paris perfume bottles, a peacock bottle, a small crystal bowl and more.

 Like all of Laura's pieces, it has multiple hanging options:  in a window, against a wall with lights creating patterns on the wall behind through the piece, serving as a room divider suspended over a table, or installed into a wall between rooms to be admired from both sides. It can eclipse a view without interrupting it and still lets light in.

Measurements 35 1/2" x 35 3/4" x5"

Please contact Laura directly for shipping details. 

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