This piece is titled "Moxie" because of a vintage bottle of the "official soft drink of Maine"  included in the piece.

It is a zinc framed, three dimensional glass assemblage panel that is 58 inches wide and 22 inches tall. It includes an inkwell, chandelier arms, moonstone sphere, a jade heart, a frog made of quartz, an egg made of fluorite, an antique jade horse, Avon bird bottles, crystal chandelier prisms, Laura's signature metal 'vines' and vintage bottles and glassware. 

 Laura has incorporated her mix of antique and contemporary, her wonder of the connection of all things, of dimensions, the love of the ordinary object, the echoes of touch from those no longer in our reach. "Moxie"  was inspired by the Scarborough salt marshes and the memory of lying on a warm ledge in a clearing of the woods as a girl, basking in the tranquility of the surrounding nature and daydreaming. 

58 x 22 inches

Created in 2006, this piece is now available for purchase.

Please contact Laura directly for pricing and shipping details. 

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