Solar Plexus Chakra Necklace - Trusting Oneself

Solar Plexus Chakra Necklace - Trusting Oneself


The third chakra is the navel, or solar plexus, chakra. It is represented by the color yellow, which brings warmth, energy, and power to our lives. This necklace encourages a healthy third chakra, which supports good digestion and metabolism, as well as warmth and laughter. As you wear this necklace, focus on strengthening your self-esteem, trusting your instincts, setting boundaries, and taking responsibility for your life. 

This lemon yellow necklace contains yellow calcite, rainbow moonstone, lemon yellow quartz with phantoms, faceted topaz, silk cord, and gold vermeil findings. A clear topaz stone feels wonderful resting on the back of the neck.

16 inches around

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