Root Chakra Necklace - Love Of Home And Self

Root Chakra Necklace - Love Of Home And Self


The root chakra is our connection to the earth. This chakra plants our feet securely on the ground, where they can’t be pushed. This root chakra necklace is to remind you of the resilience of love of self and home base. Strength, confidence, security, and grounding are the intent in this chakra necklace. Physically, visual excellent circulation from feet to crown and healthy tissue regeneration when you notice the pleasant feel of cool garnets on your neck.

This necklace is made of polished garnet, two faceted garnets, facted moss agate, silk cord, and gold vermeil findings. The polished garnet is cool on the skin all the way around the neck, and ends at the throat with the faceted garnet and moss agate. 

16 inches around 


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