Third Eye Chakra Necklace- Full Consciousness

Third Eye Chakra Necklace- Full Consciousness


The third eye sits between and above our physical eyes, and is a spiritual center of our bodies. The intention of this necklace is to help you open to full consciousness in this world and to imagine beyond your present moment. As you wear it, be connected to your dream life and to your awareness of all things.

This necklace doubles around the neck and is made of sparkling faceted iolite, lapis lazuli, faceted labradorite with flash, silk cord, and gold vermeil findings. Because the necklace loops twice, lapis lazuli rests on the parathyroid area of the throat. As you wear it, concentrate on your parathyroid gland, which controls calcium levels in the body and can affect brain and muscle function.

34 ½ inches around (loops twice around the neck)

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