Hades - In The Land Of No Place, No Time

Hades - In The Land Of No Place, No Time


The story of Hades and his abduction of Persephone is told here with the figure of Persephone in a telescope lens filter, glass flower beads, antique pressed glass flowers,a  tiny gargoyle, an 1800s bottle with snakes, reformed modern snake bracelets, antique doll and animal shards, an animal jaw with teeth, and bird vertebrae. Demeter, Persephone’s mother appears as an ambrotype, backed by antique glass photo negative and a lead figure on horseback antique from France. Also in the panel are pomegranate seeds, diamonds, dried jasmine blossoms,watch parts, coins, a keyhole, quartz skulls, antique pot metal wings from Winged Victory bookend, and plastic wings from a modern statue.

The Hades panel is mounted on a custom pedestal. On one side of the pedestal sit two Chairs of Forgetfulness where Theseus and Pirithous were trapped when they came to the underworld to rescue Persephone. Part of Theseus thigh remains in one of the chairs, left behind, stuck to the chair after Hercules pulled him free. These two chairs are made of metal hinges, vintage necklace pieces, heavy copper wire, tin, and fire opal stones, which change color in the light.

On the other side of the pedestal is a sculpture that will stand alone or hang on the pedestal. It contains a telescope lens filter, an antique water bottle shard, a vintage green light cover, a carved quartz skull, glass narcissus, a key with two dragons, an antique lamp part with animal head, and copper wire.

17 x 27 inches

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